Business Process Applications
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Applications that support business processes should be smart: they should already know the rules that constrain how a task should be performed. Thus MentorWizard programs can replace those "policies" notebooks so many organizations publish for their employees. Users are expected to supply accurate information and sound judgment while the application applies the rules to make sure each task is performed correctly . The application can spare the user from the need to memorize or look up rules, so users are better able to make informed decisions within those rules.

MentorWizard applications empower your workers to do more with fewer errors in three important ways:
1.MentorWizard applications effortlessly merge the information needed to properly execute a process step into the screen where the user performs the step. That is because these applications provide instructions to the user every step of the way through a task. If the user remembers how to perform a step, these instructions can be ignored with no penalty. Some call this "just-in-time training" because the training materials are always there when you need them.  
2.MentorWizard has the ability to take you to each appropriate step in a process and skip inappropriate steps. Where a traditional application might present all sorts of controls on a large screen and gray out the inappropriate ones in a particular context, MentorWizard presents applications in small steps, each of which contains a small number of controls. As you proceed through a process, MentorWizard maintains an accurate record of each step you take and presents subsequent steps only when they are relevant. For example, if you are filling out an application for auto insurance and have entered your age as "17," then you will be asked to verify that you have parental permission. If you have entered your age as "27" you will not be asked about parental permission.  
3.Full "undo" and "redo" gives you the ability to recover from your mistakes. Sometimes you go too fast and make errors. MentorWizard applications have built-in support that makes it easy for you to go back and correct an error. Furthermore, full undo and redo empowers you to explore alternatives before you make a decision.  

Users aren't the only ones who benefit from applications delivered the MentorWizard way: organizations benefit as well. When you use MentorWizard applications to support your business processes, your business rules are embedded in each task's steps. When the rules change (as they often do), affected MentorWizard steps can be easily modified. When the changed steps have been tested, they can be put into effect immediately without the usual publication and user re-training delays. Best of all, the rules always guide your workers so that costly errors are drastically reduced.

MentorWizard Benefits:
·Information needed to do each process step is presented with the step (just-in-time training)  
·Process steps are presented in context so workers focus on the steps, not their relevance  
·Undo and redo encourage workers to explore and browse as well as fix their own errors  
·Business rule changes can be made quickly with minimal worker re-training  
·Workers with minimal training can perform complex tasks reliably