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The MentorWizard Project

The MentorWizard project was launched to evangelize a performance support system architecture. This architecture was originally created to support a health care delivery system that is operating in a number of hospitals today. The initial implementation technology was based on terminals connected to minicomputers. This implemenation was described in a paper presented at a conference in 1989, A History of the Promis Technology?An Effective Human Interface by Jan Schultz. A start-up company, StepSoft (no longer with us), re-implemented this architecture in the 1990's using client-server technology.

Many domains can benefit from performance support systems, but mainstream system architectures make such systems expensive to build and maintain. The MentorWizard architecture, however, makes the construction of performance support systems both easy and cost-effective.

The first products of the MentorWizard project are two documents:

  1. An overview document that describes, at a high level, the MentorWizard system. This overview also presents examples and enumerates the benefits of MentorWizard. You can view the overview document in HTML or in pdf (935 KB) format.
  2. A document that describes a technical architecture that supports the MentorWizard functionality. You can view the MentorWizard architecture document in HTML or in pdf (980 KB) format.

Work on a proof-of-concept demonstration of the MentorWizard architecture is also planned. This demonstration will be implemented with contemporary web-based technology. If successful, this demonstration will inspire system designers to adopt the MentorWizard architecture for the construction of their performance support systems. If you are interested in learning more about the MentorWizard project, please send a note via e-mail.

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